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Hicon Jacks Product Information

Jack plugs have to satisfy various requirements:
While the guitarist prefers a heavy and robust connector, the studio technician needs a small, unobtrusive plug to fit into small spaces on tightly arranged patch bays.

A special favorite among guitarists is the black HICON HI-J63M04 of American design or a speaker cable with a large diameter. It has a robust solid pin and a dependable clamping strain relief. Because of the low transmission resistance the HICON HI-J63M03 is also favored for use with high end guitar cables.
The models described here are equipped with a clamping strain relief, which counter-spreads when pressed (see figure) and resists the incredible strains exerted by BNC-crimping pliers (for RG58/59).

Many customers have been waiting impatiently for this product:
At last there is a stereo mini jack available for professional use.
After a short period of time the injection-molded housings on conventional jacks often caused problems resulting in breaks on the strain relief or caused the pins to fly out.

HICON grants you a 5 Year Warranty on these plug connectors!