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Picolino DI-box Active

convinces with superior broadcast quality and a very small design which makes it suitable for space-saving universal applications. You can, for example, plug the

DI-box directly into the XLR-input on the stagebox to function unobtrusively, just like a standard adapter. The Picolino DI-box series stands out with high quality transmission technology and intelligent switching and ensures superior signal conversion in studio quality. Active and passive DI-boxes as well as AES/EBU-impedance converters are available in several different designs.


For impedance adaptation of high resistance sources
(e.g. guitar, bass). Active switching enables an input impedance of up to 1 MOhm. With –20 dB PAD-switch and loop out for instrument signals.

K-PDI-A-L              Jack-F 6.3 mm <=> XLR-M + jack loop out, long -

                                 directly plugable


Connection input:  Jack 6.3 mm, unbalanced

Loop out, parallel to input:  Jack 6.3 mm, unbalanced

Input impedance:  1 MOhm (20 dB PAD - 10 kOhm)

Max. input level:  +10 dBv (20 dB PAD - +30 dBv)

Connection output:  XLR 3-pin, balanced

Output impedance:  600 Ohm

Max. output level:  +10 dBv

Frequency range:  20 Hz - 30 kHz +/- 3 dB

Distortion factor:  0,01 % at 100 Hz - 20 kHz

Power supply:  48 V via phantom supply

Dimensions:  H: 31 mm, B: 26 mm (as D-hole), L: 106 mm