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Premade Cable - DVI-D


DVI-D 24+1 male <=> DVI-D 24+1 male, with optical signal converter for longer lengths (without HDCP-transmission)

DVR1-3000          30 m

DVR1-5000         50 m

DVR1-1H00        100 m


DVI-D 24+1 male <=> DVI-D 24+1 male

DV24-0200          dual  + single link          2.0 m

DV24-0300          dual  + single link          3.0 m

DV24-0500          dual  + single link          5.0 m

DV24-1000          dual  + single link        10.0 m

DV24-1500          single link                    15.0 m

DV24-2000          single link                    20.0 m

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is the current standard for the connection of digital monitors and flat panel displays and supports analog connections (VGA-signals with DDC-support) and digital signals (DVI, DVI-audio, HDTV, DFP, P&D). We deliver the fully assigned 24+1 dual link version, also suitable for professional applications (high end graphic cards and monitors). The 10 m version has a larger diameter for better damping over long distances. Adapters (e.g. for SUB-D) and DVI-repeaters are available in section "Plug connectors" > HICON video adapters.

For longer DVI transmission paths, especially for permanent installation, we recommend the version with integrated optical signal converter or the use of a repeater - see section "Active Components".


DVI-D 24+1 male <=> DVI-D 24+1 male, Conference series high quality without ferrite core

DVHQ-0050       0.5 m

DVHQ-0100       1.0 m

DVHQ-0200       2.0 m

DVHQ-0500       5.0 m

DVHQ-1000       10.0 m

DVHQ-1500       15.0 m

DVHQ-2000       20.0 m